Workshop Classes


  1. “Tuning In: Psychic Development – Your Inner Voice, Guides and Spirits”, by Beth Peters – Certificate Program
  2. “Animal Communication: Learn to understand and talk to your animals using Universal Language” – Certificate Program

“Tuning In – Psychic Development”

“Tuning In” – Part 1 – Duration: 2 hrs. – Cost: $270

“Tuning In” – Part 2 – Duration 2 hrs. – Cost: $270

“Tuning In” Workshop (Part 1 & 2) Total Cost: $540 (Includes Certificate of Completion)

Email Beth to book a workshop.

“Animal Communication”

“Animal Communication” – One Day Workshop – Cost: $270  (Includes Certificate of Completion)

Email Beth to book a workshop.

*Tuning into your inner voice, your guides, and the spirit of those who have crossed over from physical life is not as difficult or mysterious as some would think. Beth believes the modality of reaching the spiritual realm comes down to your personal Intention and Trust. Each of us has a “Sixth Sense” that most of us call intuition or our inner voice. We each have the Divine right to tap into our inner voice at any time. Beth will offer easy, down to earth tips on how to recognize and awaken your inner voice and trust its guidance. Learning to trust your inner voice to make day to day decisions can lead to a happier, healthier and more abundant life. To take it a step further, most of us can learn to tap into spiritual communication. Beth will teach a no nonsense approach to communication, ethical guidelines and personal protection methods. She will offer insight and simple exercises to help you strengthen your psychic muscles, while not getting caught up in the “rules”. Beth teaches the workshop intuitively and according to the individual skill level. Classes are divided into 2 parts over 2 days. You will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of Part 2. The workshop is designed to start or confirm your intuitive journey while keeping it real and having fun! Ask Beth how to sign up, and start your personal journey.